Jan 5, 2015
What it does

BeatBuddy is the world’s first pedal drum machine that enables musicians to easily control the beat hands-free. Just by pressing a pedal, you can start a beat, insert fills, transition from verse to chorus, throw in drum breaks (pauses), trigger accent hits such as hand claps or cymbal crashes and more! It is the closest thing to having a real drummer.

What the BeatBuddy is Not
The BeatBuddy is not a traditional drum machine: Drum machines have traditionally been used to create beats. The BeatBuddy is a performance tool, and cannot be used to create beats. New beats can be created on the many available beat creation software (such as Guitar Pro, Cubase, ProTools, GarageBand, Ableton, EZ Drummer, etc.) and loaded onto the BeatBuddy with the BeatBuddy Manager Software.

Use Right Out Of The Box, No Programming Necessary!

Includes 200 songs (that you control!) in a wide variety of genres and 10 different drum kits those songs can be played on. You'll be sure to find your beat.

  • Create any song or drum set with the included BeatBuddy Manager software.
  • Download new content from the ever-expanding BeatBuddy Online Library.
  • Share your creations with friends and discover user-generated content on the BeatBuddy Community Forum.

Visual Feedback
The BeatBuddy displays what’s going on with the beat, making it perfect for improving your rhythm or learning new time signatures.

  • Headphone jack
  • MIDI Sync
  • 1/4 Inch Stereo input/output
  • Mini USB
  • SD Card

Official BeatBuddy Footswitch
Get the most out of your BeatBuddy — add accent hits and drum breaks (pauses), tap tempo, scroll through songs, and more, all hands-free!

Designed to provide rock-solid performance while withstanding heavy use. 

Available at Goodguys!
BeatBuddy $345
BeatBuddy Footswitch $29



Chris Mew