Mar 7, 2014
A big upgrade from the original Ditto Looper pedal. The new Ditto X2 has a simple 1-button footswitch for record, overdub, start, and stop. Record and loop up to 5 minutes of 24-bit audio with unlimited overdubbing. Additional internal dip-switch that lets you choose the control configuration (loop/play/overdub or loop/overdub/play).

Onboard looping effects options; half speed playback and reverse playback. FX control switch can also be set as a dedicated stop switch.

USB connection for importing and exporting loops and backing tracks to your computer, stereo I/O, true-bypass switching. Included backing track library from JamTrackCentral. Runs on 1 or 2 x 9V batteries for extended looping time. Get it here at Goodguys for $169

Chris Mew