Nov 23, 2014
An amazing computer accessory for your iPhone, iPad or Laptop Computer, the lines and the look of it alone are attention getting plus it has the sensitivity and the features of a professional keyboard many, many times its price. 

For the pros and the non-musician alike, anyone can enjoy this next generation in computer accessory and keyboard controller. It even has polyphonic aftertouch!

Super Thin, Super Classy

The body of the XKey is housed in a piece of molded aluminum. The thickness is merely .62inches. Weighing around 1.32 lbs. The XKey is even lighter than the iPad. With a slim and light form factor, the XKey can be stored in a standard size backpack. The XKey not only inherits the essence of the piano keyboard, it also goes beyond the limits of traditional music keyboard design to meld ruggedness and lightweight mobile features perfectly together. 

Who is the XKey for

Music lovers: Play along with Apps and music games that allows the non-musician to create dance tracks and play songs without knowing one note from the next.

Gift Giving: The XKey is a great gift for all ages and any music lover that owns an iPhone, iPad, or laptop. You will be able to play songs immediately while using one of the hundreds of music games, apps and software available to you.

Musicians: Musicians love the XKey for all their mobile music needs.

Teachers: The XKey is a perfect tool for Piano teachers. Students and teachers alike will be able to practice lessons anytime and anywhere

DJ: Triggering lights, loops & sounds with velocity sensitivity and control effects.



  • 25 standard size keys
  • Professional velocity sensitivity & polyphonic aftertouch
  • USB MIDI compliant
  • PitchBend and Modulation buttons with high resolution of pressure sensitivity
  • Octave +/- & Sustain buttons
  • USB bus powered & ultra low power consumption
  • Firmware updatable via USB & ready for new features
Chris Mew